Agripavilion and Ag Arena

The Gallagher Centre grounds are known for hosting a variety of events including, but not limited to Rodeos, Pow Wows, motorcycle training, horse racing, agriculture events, cabarets and exhibitions. The grounds include agriculture facilities, grandstand, racetrack and infield.

The Agripavilion is located immediately to the north of the Gallagher Centre, and is a main venue for agricultural events.

  • Size is 13,746 square feet (174 foot by 79 foot);
  • Cement floor;
  • Can be divided into two facilities, the south and north halves, by overhead door;
  • North area is 7,505 square feet (95 foot by 79 foot) and south area is 6,241 square feet (79 foot by 79 foot);
  • South area has wash rack, concession area and washrooms;
  • Can accommodate approximately 50 display booths size 10 foot x 10 foot (depending on set-up);
  • Ideal for livestock shows and sales, dances, displays and seminars involving large items, flea markets;
  • Penning, scale, tables and chairs available with booking.

The Ag Arena is adjacent to the Agripavilion, and is used primarily for livestock stabling, shows and sales.

  • Size is 12,000 square feet (200 foot by 60 foot);
  • Sand floor;
  • Unheated, not insulated;
  • Penning available with booking.